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Humanity gray area in the script

 Humanity gray area

The moral philosophical reflection of good and evil on the relative boundary between people.

written by Kimmo Hoikkala


My Book of Humanity gray area the idea was born during the last years, as I have reflected on my own quite a lot of good and evil relationship.
The author's background, I mainly blog forums before which I enjoyed a lot mielenterveysaiheisilla discussion forums.These forums were mainly peer catering writing arenas, although sometimes the leverage effect could stay up negative.
The first self-published book rehabilitee road (appeared in v. 2010) was based largely on the writings of just vertaisfoorumin. Before rehabilitee the waythe appearance of the book I had already written a blog, even if the writing was still based at the time you make an anonymous osaltani was the nickname of writing. Alsorehabilitee road is the pseudonym written.
However, I came back in 2011 to have second thoughts in terms of anonymous writing. Finally, encouraged by so much that I dared to connect the scriptures next to my own.
In this blog entry my blog hermitian says(, which in this book are also some other writings quotations, if not expressly stated otherwise.

"Saturday September 1, 2012
I had to change my position
In fact, I am inclined to write your own pärstäkuvalla side, because nobody will be able to demonstrate the presence of significant harm pärstäkuvalla connection with their writings. It may even be so that the level of communication improves the sidebar (or web edge of the screen) appears in the author's own image. On the other hand this blog may continue to write comments completely anonyy-mina, if they only have good taste, so I publish of course it all. A strong belief faceless on behalf of anonymity, mainly because I did not feel the nature of social media such precision than it is today. That is on the one hand, I have no more extensive even emphasized his own image, but may still be vice versa. "

Even rehabilitee road book early stages psykoosikertomuksessa flashes concept of goodness and evilness. At that time, was during the years 2003 and 2004, when I was in the deepest psychosis stage.Psychosis was I mainly paranoid. Sensory Jeni's interpretation was, at worst, completely erroneous and very fast.Psychosis was a clear plot, according to which the family member tried to drive me to suicide media. Media pressured me perverse suicide. For example, the tabloid tabloids were between the rows hidden message just for me. However, the psychosis had some sort of illusion, despite the positive experiences such as the fact that I was, after all, mankind's future hope, even if I was not totally convinced. On the other hand when I was in the hospital WAIS testing, I thought that I tested, therefore, am I qualified to the king of Finland.Harhamaailmani was sort of a consistent yet extremely oppressive, which is why before the hospital treatment was also close to suicide. Relationship with myself was a psychosis very ambivalent when it was also true for your loved ones. In a way, I cared omaisistani, even between, I could feel the opposite. About myself I did not know how to take me.
Here is a quote autobiography rehabilitee road (p. 10):
"Sometimes I really did not know whether the meeting of Finnish me the worst type of, or the hope of a future."

My own reflections on the limits of good and evil has begun in earnest for psychosis in 2004. This may be the reason that I have been a man unsure about myself. Self-esteem problems is probably really was, and they can be even more. In addition, I have also had problems with our loved ones in terms of confidence. At the moment, I am confident in myself and your loved ones may have as much as I can usually count on. Sense of trust may slightly interfere with the treatment of the illness paranoid schizophrenia, although I think I have it pretty well kuntoutunut. This book of humanity gray area may be even further the rehabilitation of thing that will help.Rehabilitation is in fact in my view, a new way of thinking more or less supported by others.
Rehabilitee the road at the end of the book I am journal entries into the psychotic thoughts pondered the great philosophical things. I have written the following (p. 426):

"25. July 2008, 15:48
The issue of the goodness and badness of light and darkness:
I think that every human being is a bright and a dark side, but not all of it just not aware or do not want to be aware of. "

Now I think I am ready to consider the relationship between the good and evil book of force. Today I received this book a table of contents in my blog hermitian tellsthe publication. In addition, I have been thinking about writing-enhancing issues table of contents headings.
Table of Contents Paper humanity gray area is as follows:

1.      Introduction

2.      The concept of evil

3.      The concept of good

4.      Good synchronization with evil

5.      Playing - the best win?

6.      Legislation

7.      A market - the aim to get people to do good?

8.      Behaviour

9.      The moral summary - man is hope!

10.             End - the light, the darkness, or in between?

I would like to thank the inspiration for this journal numerous nettikeskustelukavereitani and also the evil of the official Finnish experts , Research Professor, Chief Physician Hannu Lauerma by analytical communication admired the media I remember even before the more difficult psychiatric illness. In addition, a psychiatric prison hospital Medical Director Hannu Lauerma work Scam (Duodecim 1st edition 2008) was a thought-provoking read. On the other hand Lauerma for reasons I'm good and evil philosophy wondered, as I ponder and ponder this book, my, although the effect of writing a document, especiallyScam and to some extent may alsoAnatomy of Evil (Edita 1st Edition v. 2009) document. Morality Philosophy in Finland are considered the guarantee of many other people. Personally I think this kirjoitusurakkaani when starting the layman populäärikirja moral philosophy, however, the Finnish literary works from missing.
Korpifilosofeja admiration I would like to include in their ranks, which is why this book is a collection of moral philosophy called humanity gray area . This file sizes also work backwoods philosophy jykevänä a defense, because life is not us who had previously seen the masses in front to hold anyone's ever come and say as follows: "a good conclusion but the wrong thought." All aspects should be taken into account. I hope that the book evokes thoughts and urges to reflect on the moral philosophy, although there have been idle all Ph.D.'s.
Finally, I thank especially the people close to them, who have been kirjoittamisharrastukseeni understanding and positive.

Oulu 28.03.2014 Kimmo Hoikkala

The concept of evil

Even the early books of the Bible is a sin to fall in, which in turn is because when God's rules are not respected in paradise. Is goodness, then only the rules? What if the rules are stupid and wrong type. Would this not be wise and righteous to oppose the rules? Who dictates the rules, then society?In a society have also a duty, and even the rights that may be necessary, edit the democratic decision of the parliament. What if the turnout will be the adult population of less than 60 percent or even 50 percent, then democracy is realized in the best way.
How to be a democracy, the citizens of the case, who do not have the right to vote, such as children and incapacitated. Voices heard in children and other incapacitated adequate social decision-making? I doubt that the political system in Finland does not even try to hear them in person, at least not in the best possible way which decision-making is often the case. A clear thing is that children and other incapacitated are most dependent on society. Nonvoting citizens need a particularly powerful people to pursue the matter, so that they will not be forgotten by society.
Are back in prison if you do not follow society's rules well enough. Bad place should therefore be in prison. What, then, is the causality of a causal link imprisonment?Is it bad growth environment, the wrong kind of social relationships, drugs or biological inheritance? Perhaps, however, causality has not been conclusive, but the key factor is to live in the moment. Should treat the prisoners as citizens, even if it is in some cases a little different citizens.
We live in a good social system, so do we all have a level playing field to become good citizens of this time in Finland.However, it may be that people experienced unjustified inequality is a real phenomenon. There is no standard of human dignity in Finland, but the evil labeled citizens do not trust them and always want to give the possibility to change. The stereotypical perception is stigmatization often bad, at least what I own viewpoint around me noticed. Is there a better citizen than to find someone worse citizens? People are classified in many places. Certainly it is true that the classification can often strive for a good outcome. How potentially chronically bad citizen, then, should be classified? All, however, should create a framework for change-behaved-ular. Is it better to respond to evil with evil? Probably better to try to be good to do evil.
Evil is a barrier to achieving the many anti-behavior. The mind would do something bad, but a small mietintätauko get back to human reason. This can also affect the social acceptance of the need for the future.After doing a slightly evil, then evil depends entirely on which experienced that, how long to retaliate, experienced among them will be taken.

Wednesday, 30 March 2011
Revenge is not entitled to!
When revenge is justified or whether it is ever? I think the thoughts of revenge are specific to humans, but whether the thoughts of revenge learned the use of, or the costs are generated without any thoughts of revenge head outside influences? Of course, revenge thinking originally generated that has experienced some level of injustice, at least in their view. What helps revenge thoughts? In fact, I would think that the revenge of thinking can be difficult to get out, if you are emotionally immature person. Many indeed talking about the legitimate revenge, but would not be the case already in the darkness? I think Mahatma Gandhi organized an unarmed uprising in India was just a philosophy of life which I would like to learn more.Killing may be some easier than finding an amicable way, which can be found, unfortunately, a lot of stuff in the history books. We are, fortunately, sensible, at least as long as we have the courage independently minded people. Perhaps grievances must be brought only in the public, and does not think it is retaliating. In turn, the affairs of the entanglement is probably often related to kostoajatuksille. In addition, in extreme cases, to trust supervising governmental bodies. "

How, then, revenge thoughts can get rid of?When you would not realize that revenge does not lead to anything, but sometimes revenge leads to another revenge etc. Bathroom was a reward can say with satisfaction the avenger when one feels the accident. Did not even then have been a little bit to get wonky angle? The law of karma, or fatalistic view of life, of course, is a way to explain the different fates.However, I would be careful fatalistic view of adoption of their own selves since no causal link, for example, depressive disorder is not evil. If the fate of the theory to take power, can be thought of depression of the meaning of life. Yes, society can apply mental models uudelleenjäsennykseen support, of course, mental health treatment centers.
Easily one might think that the evil has many different forms or degrees among people. Can one hundred percent of darkness level then achieved if the human is thought to be then complete a harmful environment for people. Even Hitler, however, was my confidant, which Hitler rewarded handsomely. Hitler needed a large number of order that he got the army to move. Hitler's opponents in life expectancy could become The deleted very soon if Hitler forces loyal to this matter heard. After all these hirmuhallintoja even at this time, of which the extreme example is the situation in North Korea.
Basically, the theoretical can be the case of human existence clearing for an evil. Rogue malignant human being could be absolute malice closed at least at the level of thought, and there may be an underlying psychotic thoughts that with proper psychiatric treatment could at least be mitigated. What if the state is at the level of a hermit, so does this not the same risk exists without the other States by the treatment?

The concept of good

Traditionally speaking, law-abiding citizen is probably good. Striving to do good without evil is probably already higher than the target. Human thinking is, however, a clear basis for thinking model, which can be a better person. In particular, the toleration of diversity in the thinking of humanism. Is a believer, and no religion then equal in both the citizens or another better? Perhaps both can consider himself preferred, but who is to determine which one is better. Better seems to be quite the party that the other person accepts its own character. Is the life-cycle model, then morally durable than kuolemattomuusmalli taivaspaikkoineen? I do not think if the other person is truly a believer. Affectation on the other hand eating morality. Perhaps the high morale is the fact that a person behaves in such a way as oneself feel good and it would harm anyone else.
The winner can not think of a better person.Is it moral, after all, compete species and Pääseekö also all morality forgotten race? It is not each other better people, because it is only the people even though different people. Goodness of competition can not be very sensible species, especially if you still behaves contrary to his own will, and otherwise artificially imitation. Someone can make a moral act number and at the same time wants to be noticed. Someone, in turn, does not do it, even if it is done morally right in a similar offense. Through works of man does not get better, but acts can be used to help other people and then actions can fish for at least the other social popularity. Manipulation is common and probably the most often as a means of disguised evil. At first, you evil thing to get a certain image of good impressive person.The truth of the crack of dawn you'll find that you have vedätetty or cheated badly.Confidence can always be deceiving, even if good people do not think that disappoint apparently neurotic individuals never trust others.
"24. July 2008 10:35
The best thing about manipulation is when it is not even self-awareness. "
rehabilitee road p. 426

In social situations, it is also common to behave in a certain role, according to circumstances. Is this then the good of humanity? In the role can be a student to respect teachers. In this case, the role I think that is because there is no teaching should, if the student teachers to keep themselves in the teaching case pätevämpänä and thus preferred.
The best thing would be for humans to relate themselves realistically among the others, but this can be very difficult due to several reasons. Reasons may include at least the following issues: the lack of social feedback and social feedback error.

"Saturday April 7, 2012
Mysteries of human existence: man himself relationship with other people
How to see themselves as, among others, wondering probably many other people like me. One starting point could be in this review of social status or income level compares to other people's similar issues. Of course, the comparison can also visit the many other kinds of reasons or evidence.Some may be at least seems to be, for example, people close to the larger than others. I think some people are able to better express themselves artistically as one of us. Perhaps the biggest problem of self-differentiation shall among others is that it completely realistic perception hardly can be reached by accident, because among them there are always those who question a certain kind of self-assessments. Discouraged, sees himself quite often quite negligible in relation to other people, while suuruusharhoissa sees itself significantly better than others, even if the truth is something of depression and suuruusharhojen between. Thoughts on someone knows that he is one of the great aspects of life in the region, even if others do not recognize it, but this is a case of exceptional people who go way above his contemporaries. Self-esteem, in turn, is composed of many times I understand that feeling of being good at something, or even good enough. The best way to feed the growth of self-esteem is probably positive but still realistic feedback. Constructive criticism is on the other hand is such that it may not be fed, self-esteem, but it helps to see themselves better with regard to other people. I do not support in any way uncovered nothing to boast at all, because it may get distorted and confident man even more astray. own relationship with other people keep a few in-depth experience, think about, even if all of it if I do wonder, though it might be in the negative. "

Helping is certainly more often than not quite the real thing. However, even the helper can experience the temptation and take the glory for himself. Honorary mention not all enough, but some may be of interest to help heritage so much that might be expected to help economic benefits.
The most genuine humanism is also the most genuine virtue. Humanism accepts people as we are and where we need to be explained any non-existent or much less deny the existence of ourselves. Humanity various manifestations are riches, though sometimes a good retention can be difficult, when the face of evil person.

Good synchronization with evil

In this book chapter reflection of good and evil interaction with each other.
Can not think of that, for example, education of the people is the only goodness. This is not necessarily just a fact of civilization or hyvänlaatuisuus strongly depends on how the culture is defined.Education could be a virtuous human conception of humanity adoption, rather than academic often heavily own personal intentions by turning out the need for education. Sure, academic staff can be sometimes also human conception of man, a person. The human concept of man must be to see all the people of equal value but as individual human beings. Trained person can experience their own superiority over others, which is understandable, but the idea is then equal humane of thinking. The achievement of civilization does not need academic qualifications, but the essential factor is the human attitude towards other people. The difference will have to learn to tolerate, because in fact, I always do not believe that the differences would be tolerated in humans as a natural occurring feature.
Where can I find out if a sufficient human person, so as to keep themselves. An adequate level of education in a humane man has when to be aware of their own-periensä existence and their own motivation structure pretty well. Realism, it seems that all people have their own intentions in their lives even if they do not bring forth.Purpose charms is then mainly two kinds, either good or bad. Sometimes, these objects can also turn people against themselves, in the case of, for example, severe depression symptoms based.Disproportionate guilt, depression mode is exactly the feeling that in this context I mean. Discouraged people can think they are in all respects invalid, though not such a man would be. Sometimes delusional psychosis may come to mind thoughts, that it would be better to die so that other life improves. If something good for such ideas must be sought, then perhaps disproportionate feelings of guilt weathered man can expand the understanding of humanity.
Is man then indeed our own experiences and environmental impact of the sum of?Experience can also be a questionable act of another person. Most people have compassion for others is in order to be able to experience guilt and shame loosest of questionable acts as a result. The human person in history to draw conclusions with respect to the behavior of the moment, although the precise causal links may indeed remain in the dark.
Can fundamentally a bad person, then be aware of evil itself? I believe that you can be aware of and then the recovery process for a better life seems particularly possible.Liberating information for all sentient itself evil man is the knowledge that man is inclined to evil but in general, a good aspiring.
Relationships are a human well-being contributory factor. Before the serious social relations, the conclusion is good, however, that the likes and appreciates him as a person with its own kind of individual growth environment and experiences.Relationship probably the most often equally as strong as its two-way passing understanding of another person.Friendship can not work if both bring something to the table and the other is just not to empty the table. Friendship is also the best social mirror, which can be safely mirror the minute that it does not wake up to another unpredictable reactions.

"Monday 5 March 2012
Human categorization is easy!
Is not it easy to draw conclusions from such a relationship that is not working perfectly ever really. In this case, it is easy lytätä another human being the lowest of fire, even if the value of the human lytätyn lyttääjän in relation to the screens on the basis of a much more significant than many people want to see, because only the negative experiences lytätystä dominate the discussion. Finnish is good for so long, until someone walks over him, when the Finnish moves in one paraatilajeistansa, therefore, long-term animosity. By forgiving, asking for forgiveness and sometimes remain in relations with people better, because all the kämmejä or incorrect behavior in life always happens. There is wisdom not far away, if you realize that every human being is good and bad, but not all of the previous data. There is also a lot of success mainly in the second and even a scholarship vaivautunutta atmosphere in Finland ever seen. Not all doing ever in any way as they would want, which may sometimes lead to desperate thoughts.Life is not a race course, because everyone can finish in time. It's what happens between life and death depends largely on the society in which we live, but always it should also be attached to a certain extent the individual properties.The organization, in which each works, I do not think it so important as the fact that different among individuals tolerated the difference. Does any other human relationship never completely?Perhaps from time to time, but not enough in the long run ever since, although all of the mind based multiplexing remain good, it still moods may vary. Life is a challenge in my view, partly in how to face the bad days, especially if they are self-aware as well. "

Sociality is a major barrier to people is a problem of confidence in the other person or people. In my opinion, it is better to rely on the other person rather than to doubt all around you. Speaking on behalf of the trust must have previous experience of social relations. Of course, common sense, people who left the small reserve in the confidence that the second man to be deceived. Sometimes trust can be abused to their own cause. It is also up to a clear and concrete profiteers at the expense of other people, when abused should be wise enough that the notice of this and the lack of it, or believes, then just turn a blind eye.Sure, there are also people who can benefit to the detriment of other people. Sanoohan old Finnish proverb: "Honesty is the best policy."
It is difficult to price, of course, fair friendship in, if it starts to feel gratitude. In turn, is a feeling of gratitude for certain categories of people may even riesakin, when we feel the need to compensate the other good works, that would be a mistake of debt. Good deeds are difficult to price, because sometimes good deeds can be up to establish the continuity of human life. On the other hand needs loppuikä to pay tribute to another person, if you are an experienced another significant advantage in itself. Friendship price really tion can not determine, as a friend does not insure money alone. Rather, the issue is probably so that if there is a considerable amount of the property, so we no longer know who hung kintuissa because of the money, and who are truly friends.
The hierarchy of multi-wishes, however, higher and higher, which is why a high-ranking friend can be important if, for example, is going to get a higher position in the social hierarchy of our society.
How, then, what happens when you notice that you have to have been scammed at least in appearance from the nearby affected the relationship. Is it better to just accept the situation as part of human diversity of life. Oh it to turn itself on a similar darker path and choose reprisals when is wronged another person's body.Man, however, is likely to be very close relationships, at least in part, an enigmatic omanlaatuisten thought processes of the cord.
A relationship of love can also comprise often misunderstood. Another can not believe a second variable, if you still keep a few years to be in proportion. However, this may be a false belief, especially if the other party in a relationship is a particularly possessive.

"The nature of fault or just a bad person?
I have the impression of many a worse class luonnehäiriöisestä that the nature of the disorder is just an excuse for a human evil. Also, the so-called luonnehäiriöisen close often always explain things for the better, even if the turbine should a bit.Nearby are blind to the true evil of man in front, to search for a reason for some imaginary diagnosis. For example, I can tell you about a woman who seeks help luonnehäiriöiselle husband. The woman may be a relief to hear the psychiatric expert opinion a possible diagnosis, but the woman remains blind to this situation. A woman can not think of that when he just enough to love such a man is released from the curse of the nature of the disorder. In reality, a woman can get beaten for about five years before as part of the surrender and seek support eropäätökselle.Sometimes the situation can be facilitated only until the nature of the disorder for a man to leave a woman. Even after years of relationship with a woman does not necessarily see luonnehäiriöisen ex-man's real evil. The woman continued to explain his behavior diagnosis, which can improve your love. The woman is the support of associations to tell your ex-man's diagnosis.It may be that in this case a woman still says ex-man was a wonderful man without diagnoosiaan, even though it has been the only man from evil or is it? What are your thoughts keskustelunavaukseni aroused? "
Rehabilitee road p. 364-365

Love can be a person of worship, or it can be integrated space where human life is understood to include all and the darkness and the light, but the ratio is dependent on the observer, then more.

How to Play - the best win?

Playing configure the following aspects of life, either directly or indirectly:

1. Sports and all other similar competition between individuals.

2. School is competition within the queue is determined by students' grades.

3. Gambling.

4. All the activities in which people placed in an unequal position.

Is there a meaningful set of people never a queue or whether it is better to increase the people rather appreciate the diversity of human existence?
Professional sport may have noble aspirations, but still sport has many drawbacks, such as the rise of nationalism.For example, the previous should be mentioned that even Adolf Hitler was host after coming to power kesäolympialaisille before the start of larger military operations in Berlin in 1936.
Sport is not afraid to use all the means of success basis. It is perhaps naive perspective argues that the right money, fame and glory in front of the man is not ready to make not only a lot of work, but also to possibly dubious ways to succeed.Social skills are in demand in many sports, in order to get even financial support for training. I can not believe that top athletes will rise at their own feet to the top, but yes to assist them in achieving the goal rather a large social game on the ground.
Sports is not only entertainment for the public, so it is also a human performance test in accordance with the place of the Olympic spirit: faster, higher and stronger.

"What really is a sport?
09.02.2013 19:21 
Olympics motto reads as follows: faster, higher and stronger.
Now, I ask whether it would be the motto of the Olympic Games need a little fix? In the traditional sense, the Olympics would review all species and the accuracy of the species off. I believe that the choice of the type of the Olympic Games is already too high, because there are so called. marginal Olympic sports such as hockey, with a medallion countries are far known before the races themselves. The principle of the Olympic Games could be a species of the fact that the species are practiced in at least a quarter of the Olympic Games in the participating countries of the world. So much for the beginning of the Olympics, but then what really is a sport?
Is chess a sport? Is dancing a sport? Does the card playing sport? Is Writing a sport?Are the so-called. tool types at all sports?
Skill species are in my opinion, sports such as chess and chess should be an Olympic sport, and the Olympic motto should be extended to the word sophistication.Dancing is based on pure taste evaluation, and can not be regarded as a sport.Kortinpeluussa the so-called. luck often resolves the winner already distributed the cards since that is not necessarily the particular skill demanding. Writing is based entirely on the taste of the interpretation, even though the spelling already demands a little bit of skill.
Sort tool is not a sport, with, for example, guide a horse, but it is a eläinavusteinen performance. Similarly, one might think motor racing, where, for example, a car technical characteristics often determine the winner and not just a driver's finesse.
In summary, I would argue that sport should not be anything other than an execution, which does not leave too interpretative win situation. Skiing can be a difficult species, due to the transport of skis on the track is also largely a technical kind as far as the ski properties and lubrication counts.Maybe I am merciful, then, that the investor external independent sum of its parts should not be too significant, but this is a very philosophical question that how this is determined by the sum of external factors? "

Finnish school world is really a short distance to the sport and vice versa.
Power plant of compulsory education in the form of a primary school in Finland starts pre-school at the age of six. Basic school gets basic civic skills, and possibly a good leaving certificate, which you can apply for postgraduate seats. Primary school teaching performance evaluated on a scale of 4-10, but if this is the very place of performance evaluation? Or should pay more attention to the junior high school student to those properties that allow the student could be as large as possible as part of the benefit of society. Basic school has the time currently has nine years to find the direction of the student life, so I wonder what I wonder due to the multi-direction is completely lost even after the ninth grade.Sure, parental responsibility is also there.And it may well be idealistic view that all primary school leavers can find the best route to go in life in society. Competition is perhaps the sport, but the race performance is not a real learning, but learning is the realization and learned the practical application of

The games are playing good superiority.Where, then, are the bad players? I guess the audience then.

Gambling is gambling which is just a personal intention. In this case, do not play against others and not for themselves, even if the most likely bet is lost. Is that kind of person, then better, who does not play games of chance? Thoughts on the money to be spared, but the measure of morality can be pretty bad to keep gambling avoidance.
However, gambling can be a terrible unifying factor between people in social terms.
Sociability itself can be seen as a game, in some cases, for example when competing pairing situations.
The social environment is not always relevant to what concerned, but it is how it is presented. Social acceptance is an important part of life, even in the background can ollakin pelailun a little taste.


Interpretation of the law by the court the amount of the judgment of the offenders to other people damaging behavior.
Could it be the citizens who know how to behave without the book of the law. What can be the citizens who obey the law even neurotic obsession. Would not a person should accept the possibility of their own mistakes sometimes.
In fact, I do not want to believe that the main reason for the Finns good behavior is the fear of punishment, and it is probably not.
Can the idea of ​​their own superiority as a citizen sometimes also means that think they are law-abiding as a neighbor, even if the neighbors would be as a law-abiding.
At the borders of the tester may need to be in order to develop the legislation even better. Fortunately, the legislation in Finland is not in favor of the strongest law, at least not directly, but Finnish law to safeguard citizens' rights and equal treatment for at least a goal.

"Monday, 30 April 2012
The law of the strongest would be the result of the descent into anarchy
Equal and so far the equal treatment of citizens is the poison of anarchist supporters who want to understand a turbulent society, when bound to the law of the strongest would be the dominant human interaction. However, Finland is a democratic rule of law, which one should be a guarantee of citizens' equal treatment under Finnish law and therefore the right to the front. Of course it is hypocritical to argue that Finland, which currently is not some external factors affect people's different treatment of a variety of social situations. Mainly I will think of tough guy like outer shell, so it tends to calm, frightened or provoked by other citizens.Why do some people then want to scare other people kovistelulla? Could be in the background of the kovanaamojen longing anarchist society towards which the law of the strongest amount of almost everything. The tough guys can come to my mind who really only although generally male citizen, because of the physical performance is probably almost always enhanced with more men.Who received more credibility when acquires fighting experience, and possibly weapons license, if it is then not even get. Physical performance increase is easy, but perseverance and good genetic characteristics it requires.On the other hand the human aging take long before a man, so feeble that no hard workout is not worth a piece of cake to go to the kiosk to fight. In order for people falling into their own world anarchy, so hence the need for better functioning of society and alert law enforcement authorities

the police. What's more then any kovistelijat device to catch the attention, the better our society can be effective.The best part, of course, would be if kovistelijoita should not be any among us as much as the press stories sometimes suggest. Of course, it is also sensaationälkäisen media responsibility, because the press revittää stuff without rhyme or reason, as the citizens of provocation, phobic, incitements sold magazines might be much more than a gentler thematic areas, but is then a fault condition within the magazine and the purchaser? "

The court may not be all of the darkness of ideas with regard to the citizens never even have to. However, the penalty of deprivation of liberty in prison on each time the crimes are so serious. However, long sentences can return to everyday life, because Finland is a forgiving society system.

This forgiveness of course, not the reputation of getting better murderer than perhaps in certain types of circles, but the Finnish society to trust in my view, ex-prisoners. It is not perhaps a prisoner would see the free life no longer at all if they do not have hope to live as part of society, a prison after the judgment.

"Friday, 29 April 2011
The responsibility of society citizens

Where is the cross which the freedom of the individual will therefore be limited to civil peace? The responsibility of society citizens have a welfare state, even essential thing, when people can not manage on their own. Individual freedom is dictated to a large extent in Finland, the Finnish law and its interpretation may always be decided by the Supreme Court. Of course, law enforcement authorities, mainly the police in our society play a key role in the process of considering possible legal proceedings have already taken place as a result of breach of the law. The individual's freedom is restricted mainly to understand the judicial penalties imposed by some of the people of the, but obviously not all. The majority of the population is unlikely to wish otherwise the district court voluntarily. Application and guilty after discovery of the heaviest penalty in Finland is of course a prison sentence. Prison is an important part of the welfare state, as vankilaolosuhde can get the best of the criminal mind järkiin and behave in the future the Act dutifully. Sometimes it's crossed my mind yes the fact that some citizens should be put on the end of the life of the prison lusimaan, but it does not seem to be feasible, because the duration of life imprisonment in Finland is probably a maximum of about 15 years. In our society, therefore, will continue to be dangerous people among us, but at that would help to mitigate the dangers probably the fact that all the citizens of care be taken from babies to old age or death, both socially and health point. To clarify, I am of the opinion that all potentially dangerous people do not lusi ever single day. "

Market economy - the goal to get people to do good?

A market economy can not function well, if it would have a clear boundary conditions.
The tax evaders are the enemies of society, to the extent that the current tax legislation is rotated. On the other hand whether it would be time to change society in the direction that the tax to be clarified and simplified. Where then Vice-tax market economy arise? Is there a better citizen, so to speak directly to the production of work, for example, the export industry?

"Friday, 21 March 2014
Finland ratio increased year according to the statistics
"In 2012, it rains in work koh-den was 132 non-employed people."
-http: //
Who, then, to support who is also part of the economic philosophical question.Elättääkö pensioner himself only if there is a whole life paid tel-payment of their salaries? Elättääkö industrial or municipal employee pensioners? 
Export industry preachers say that the export industry generates social maksuvaran the poor. It may be justified is, secondly view. Does Human Rights and the Constitution of Finland, every Finnish citizen is not legal opportunity fundamental rights?
None provide for anyone, but by the community to support us all! "

Market economy does not seek a large scale to get all the citizens of their purchasing power happy. After all, even old books called "the poor we have always with us." Purchasing power potential disproportionate growth potential of the richest is not co-municipal overall welfare model
and consequently Perhaps this strong darkness behind when it comes to ahneimmista citizens.

"Thursday November 1, 2012
Greed is not exactly healthy, let alone a rational incentive
Greed is an ordinary citizen I think in many cases it is the coveted better standard of living, but whether that kind of thinking kansankuntamme important?Perhaps it is to some degree, because of the higher standard of living for almost all efforts to encourage their own standard of living in front. The other hand, the ideal would be if there was the reasonableness of the line, as a result of the capitalists would be, but still should be somewhere in the purchasing power of the poorest in relation to median earnings.
Ruthless greed is diagnostically certainly close to psychopathy, which may be due to greedy to do anything in order to get a better standard of living on others. Much yes sworn ethically sustainable investment in the name of, but how many really big capitalist meets ethical standards, if any, is created.
Millions have already perstaskussa, but another to get to it is often either a game or a mere economic greed, and sometimes both. Kohtuullisuudentajun iskoistaminen public consciousness is the only way to achieve the human family a higher level of consciousness, when all people are respected, as a rule, unless the kärsitä mental disorder premises. Greed will eventually be killed just about everything if it is given the power and especially other people's products. I always say no morbid greed and yes stimulating, though sometimes the world might not do without greed, at least in economic terms. "

Moderation really go a long way and it seems to me also ethically sustainable revenue model. On the other hand can not say that a man is motivated not work unless significant purchasing power of money in the form of a refund. However, the work is a wide range of actors, all of whom do not even get the money or even the full expense allowance for the work. In this case, the work is often regarded as charitable volunteer work. How sustainable is ethically then keep poor people in voluntary work, which may not necessarily expense allowance.

"Thursday, 7 February 2013
Engaged in work are essentially three types of
Engaged in work are essentially three types of people: the physical performing, performing brain and these two work forms an outcross. On the other hand the market economy primarily as the ability to specify a job to support themselves in the form of regular wage. Can I pay for all the work then? No work may be a salary, if the market can not see this work commercial revenue-increasing importance, or socially job is not to see the socially important. I have all kinds of work in favor of themselves and wonder why their societies, our buses and the fact that social workers often have their own economies in mind negatiivismerkkisissä voluntary work .Encouraging the kind of social-political line anyone anything, if the market economy, one of the key motivators is wider than the subsistence level. What if all voluntary workers across society would leave work to do? Why are often the poorest people have to help each other without pay, but working successful can buy services from wherever they want. Reason activities and social well-being of the creative activities may whine Slot Machine support, even though I think this is ethically questionable or whether the third sector work, after all, a hobby circuit, even if the the third sector, mainly in the association-based activities are assumed, apparently treating almost all up to public health issues almost voluntary basis without pay. Nickname hundreds of hours a year and KTA EUR 0 ";

In a market economy there is much wrong just an ethical sense. There can not be sustainable even that that spending is done in itself. More important would be to get all the citizens of basic living conditions in order, after which the citizens can take a vacancy themselves for the common good.Maslow's hierarchy should keep at least the basic living conditions of the place.
Purchasing power increases significantly, as many may still hungry to grow. I can not actually believe that purchasing power would be the deepest humanity, but rather it is a very superficial humanity. Is the purchasing power of humanity behind the rampant species of humanity, then morally gray area? I think this is the day bright thing, that this group of people is ethically at least in the gray area, or in some cases, growing darker. No human moral see the input level. Often, there may be even so that the poor rely just another poor assistance, because richer does not often help the flow of milk. This is probably due to a large extent class differences and understanding of the differences between the two different income groups. Just Say President Mauno Koivisto sometimes, when the guy had asked for a loan of money, the "pay off with interest? '
Interest rate policy and capital kansantaloudel-placed by indicators explained today in the purchasing power of the poor enhancement of the obstacles.

"Sunday, 16 February 2014
The central government is in debt riistäjäporvarin dream
State debt is an important way of doing politics, when trying to tackle indebtedness, the poor, these savings trying to exploitation of the bourgeoisie talks to direct. Central government debt is not the central problem, if you think about the other countries in debt. Sure, the Finnish State is trying to hold AAA credit rating, because here Peräpohjolan tend to usually be treated as liabilities taken conscientiously. It should be remembered that the debt would not have any of Finland, especially on higher incomes in the tax rate should be set correctly. In addition, public sector efficiency could be some organization in place. Citizens want to push the responsibility, but whether citizens have the opportunity to own a bad economic situation and the purchasing power of the scarcity of take the responsibility for non-self? government debt and fiscal deficit are the means by which, in fact, attacked the poorest attacked. Could think that the general government deficit policy has been the policy of exploitation of the bourgeoisie, at least this trend continues, before the start of the millennium, the economic taantumiskehityksen Matti Vanhanen's second government period. This will change if you vote the right party, where every citizen as a part of society is best understood. "

The question arises of whether the market economy only kept by people-to-Still the same. This would mean that Finnish society should be part of the darkness, to the extent that over generations as poor remain in a situation want to make a correction.The state is it in better shape, the less there is a society of deprivation, economic and social inequality in the middle of the living to the citizens. Society can not hold decision-makers from the modern Finnish yet ready to place, but part of our society, there is darkness in political decision-making. It is said that on the other hand such that the people are not always worthy of decision-makers.
However, success is more closed at all times of social approval, and not the rule not the case such that the acceptance of the others, then you are accepted. Sure, the basic humanistic approach be adopted by all the people as we are. I believe that the market economy makes people more social way, but the second half is also a ruthless individualistic behavior. It is not important in the recruitment may not always what part, but it is what the person affected.A person can affect the image just fine example of communication in social media.Is this then the darkness, when the employer ronkkii person data from the internet search engines. Estimate the person on the basis of the Internet traces may prove to be incorrect, especially if the comparison of the persons to whom there are no traces on the Internet at all or marks do not appear in public many people.Thoughts on this issue to be an ethical gray zone, if ethically noble purpose of personal choices should treat all people fairly as possible and objectively.
Work ethic, of course, is also related to a market economy. Is it right to be so to speak, in the house or does it always hold its own. Each party took advantage of the workplace, as well as the individual employee may better. Of course, various sizes tilipusseista kuittaillaan both sides, but if multiple salaries driven leaders bags quite clean compared with workers?

"Sunday 6 May 2012
Management fees are eating oversized work ethic
In my view, there is a strong conflict between the working people and the great rewards of leading beneficiaries of the laborers from person to person.Multi-laborers belonging may hold up to one hundred times the income differences within the same company quite justified, but what if the workers' compensation systems to executive compensation by turning to develop.

I would argue that the management fees for oversized work ethic rather eat than to encourage the laborers for a better performance, especially if uraputkihaaveitakaan does not exist. It is easier and better justified rather to question the executive remuneration to accept them uncritically, if not then vested interest. 

Why kohtuullisuudentajua asked only the working while at the same time director level kohtuullisuudentajua probably does not even exist, but there is a best työpuhtia consuming endless greed! 

Reward rather those who do not just ask for anything, but they are all success.Namely the laborers, without strategic management is quite insignificant. "

Morale Philosophically, a viable market, of course, also consider the impact on the environment in relation to other. In fact, I realize the entire global market economy to be in immediate need of repair humanities criteria, and thus we are in dark shades of gray's moral point of view. Man is still too short-sighted over their environment and, in particular with respect to future generations.The global market economy, the consumers are, probably forgotten it entirely appropriate that the remedies may begin to do, even though it appears there is a strong confidence in humanity's problem-solving ability behalf.

What kind of behavior is a moral philosopher-SELTA gray area. I suppose, however, every human being at some point in their lives in the fair in a gray area, either consciously or unconsciously.
The unconscious moral error would be with me quite funny phenomenon. You can be the person in inner circle every way, but still you have some tenacious opponents who reset your performance day after day. In addition, during this era of social media can be up to public hatred discussions on certain largely held the citizens. I do not think it can be morally wrong that causes the good deeds of some displeasure. Critics are a different matter, though none of them not many do not like, even if the condition of criticism is the only way to develop, for example, as a writer.

"Only the nullity spared from criticism." -Fredrik Wislöff

Who would take the behavior of the standard mode from day to day without a moment herpaantumista any of the fatigue areas, while intoxicated or in glycemic shakes. I doubt that it would take at least not from one year to anyone. Man must control his emotions, but is too strong sense of the word an ethical gray area? Is it better, so that behaved differently to try to understand the civilized man, because he is also aware of their own vulnerability.
Style of dress can be thought of as part of the behavior, as well as the entire external appearance eleineen. What if unconsciously makes some sort of gesture and a violation of the other person? I do not think this type of behavior sufficient grounds for the right to jutulle, Why let alone other, according a fault can also be interpretative observer.

"Monday 4 November 2013
Nonverbal communication interpretation of the directives
It has been argued that the most important part of human communication would be non-verbal. How does this thing can this be? non-verbal communication can be many, for example, eye contact, or the avoidance of head scratching or ear Scratching, lifting your shoulders or legs, keeping a certain way and head nodding. However, be noted that even very clear and sincere gesture of separation of live action is probably impossible. Why do we need words at all, if the communication between people is mostly gestures? How can it be possible that the cross-examination situation is not all gestures can be inferred from some of the people with regard to just about anything, and, moreover, gestures and speeches can take interrogators astray. Let us use a lot of words in communication and preferably as concretely as possible, so that the possibility of misinterpretation should be minimized. Black and white is a document, if for no other so that's what it is in at any given time things or thinking about oneself. Sure, there are people who are unable to produce speech, but these people often have a specific non-verbal communication champions. "

Good social behavior depends very much on the environment where it is present. Few have situational awareness problems so large that the blocking behavior he could at all. Oh it to be unsure of their own behavior, which may be healthy reality testing. It would be a brilliant and classy in all social situations is probably untrue claim as persons point. All this seems too good to be perfect and may not be, then, is not true.This blindness can also come in relation to himself. And in my view, a writer has been very blind to their own writings with respect.When you love your output as too much can be, that can not easily give to others on the positive and impressive work or they do not just do not see the importance of other similar acts.

"Monday 2 May 2011,
Pathological kirjoittamistarve
I am here over the years, ever written, but it is now necessary to write again.Ice really easy to get stuck in a keyboard, even though I can not fully explain the produce, so I think I can try.Kirjoittamistarve is dominant when the ice forums hook. I want to write, because writing to structure your thoughts and keep the brain cells between the movement somehow running. Writing may indeed also has its own importance in relation to the Forum to other authors distorted.Easily can think of, no one can say things that actually brings up. I think the previous turn on harder and harder to dependency Forum. How do these korvaamattomuusajatuksista then be able to get rid of? Primarily to trust other writers talent and especially the readers to evaluate the taste of writings mainly correct. Dependence Forum also facilitates the fact that part of the relativised own writings the importance of a number of other writers among even thought should own writings are often the most message. Therefore, it is common to see and share the positive feedback of other writers, although there would not even agree with the authors. A good web writer constituent elements in my opinion, consistency, analytical approach, informative, and peer support on certain other discussants respect and support your wellbeing and knowledge. Coherence mean that the words have to take responsibility and not to run away, if the evidence is in favor of unsound messages.Analytical approach I mean the author's ability to form, for example, analysis of their own well-being and not as an individual conversation, the ability to form a realistic opinion sometimes different interpretive data.Informativeness is a good spice, because if you do not have the information is not correct any discussion other than a story hour in style. What is good for the peer, could be the issue, which should also be able to answer one of us. It is essential from the peer is probably the ability to feel compassion and experiential knowledge, which can take advantage of needy people in the answer sheet. A peer should be on the same line, but often kuntoutumiskehityksessä advanced person, because not all of it is often nothing to come if the blind lead the cripples, as worn adage says.Peer support is the most rewarding in my opinion, the fact that psychiatric ill potential recipient to find a hopeful life support, sometimes even to the extent that the potential recipient be able to seek professional help right means.

Experiential knowledge of rehabilitation of missing is usually almost completely care bodies, which is why it is important that elusive sick person he could find a meaningful way to get peer support, mainly in either a high-quality online forums or communities of different peer groups.Yes my experience is a strong argument in favor of correct appointments, even if the online peer support to this ongoing debate on the need for, or rather the therapeutic process well, at least supplements. I would like to encourage all patients to psychiatric side to take an active approach to rehabilitation of it, because opportunities may be just because if we think of human life passing towards the wishes! "

The behavior can lead a person, either your own or of darkness into the light passing. Although the darkness of their behavior on behalf had should, so still you can always take the direction towards the shades of gray.
The real man is the conscious human being in the sense that able to analyze our own behavior behind the motives. I do not think all of these need to bring the public, but after all, they are good to reflect on as if self-monitoring in mind.

"Wednesday, December 12, 2012
Only good is sufficient
What is a good indicator? Is a good indicator equal to the virtuous man?Approximately inversely, whether evil best evaluator malice of the man?Traditionally speaking, is indeed easy to determine the word by thinking its opposite, in this case, either evil or bad. The quality concept is not clear norms even in the writing of not only, for example, the academic world of literary works rankings for some of the criteria on the basis of at least trying to accomplish. At individual level, a very self-esteem of a person to know that they are good and that is enough, but what if the other person is even better?The superiority of knowledge may not be quite the healthiest form of self-esteem, but I guess it can sometimes be a matter of ylpeäkin. Who then determines the level of the previously raised by the written output? It stands to reason, of course, the evaluator determines that their books were this topic, the more their own civilization and possibly plenty of life experience.In a market economy, however, as that of many in the writing of aims to create images that are not always true. Sales volume buustaus is important to many people and the glory of the competition is also underway at the same time. By being able to achieve a good level of satisfaction, but by being an excellent harhaisuuden may reach the level. The different areas of life as tends to almost everyone in the world to be even better. "

Moral summary - man is hope!

In humans, there is hope as long as he wants and is motivated to develop their own thought processes of awareness.
From society to support citizens' efforts to recover in the power of darkness gray area giving this a sufficiently effective guidance.
It would be idealistic, if all the self-reliance would be placed at the same time recognizing their own as prejudice, ignorance and wrong information prior to distort the understanding of other people.

"Monday, 29 July 2013
Human dignity and human value
Human dignity is an end in itself on the basis of a standard human thinking, and I do not deny this, even if the next write to the human valuation criteria.
Human or citizen of Finland, the value is measured in many people's view, largely for economic reasons. Some people, in turn, by the academic education level, or kirjanoppineisuutta, and someone can also emphasizes the social coping in our society.
Human value is not actually defined, but it defines the other people. On the other hand a good self-esteem, in turn, allows for realistic self-knowledge and self-esteem in such a way on the right issues.
No one can be all things to be better than another, but I believe all citizens, even pahantekijöilläkin to give, because this will increase our understanding of humanity. The author's understanding of evil gives an idea of ​​human life is often harmful behalf. You could say that the perpetrator and benefactor interval is sometimes pure route choice in life of favorable and unfavorable development of the course between.The ultimate evil is slightly different category, though the reasons too we are also human biology and growth environment.
The citizen who has some good and sometimes excellent in Finland can not understand the appreciation of close than in exceptional circumstances, which in turn shows that the Finns self-interest and the importance of factionalism. Abroad should apply for recognition, because then Finn dare to appreciate the recognition niittänyttä. I hope I would be even partially wrong in this citizen's valuation in terms of Finnish society.
It must be noted that a part of the Finnish suddenly almost everything better than another, but Can really? For me, it is easy to appreciate the specialists in different areas of life, but at the same time comfortable, that near me, there are people who appreciate me as well. The unifying thing is to sail the issues involved in, and it will often impress me completely. 
Be passionate and paste to your passion, then you do not have to regret what you were ever able to do, as long as your actions will meet the human basics. "

The recognition is a satisfaction in your life. The world is a chaotic place as generally led to believe. There is a chance encounter caught off guard, and who get the popularity.

"What is success? Success is a coincidence. "
-Mark Twain

"Wednesday, August 10, 2011
The absolute evil can not be?
Is there an absolute evil? What if there is absolute goodness? To determine the goodness of evil and vice versa? I think there is an absolute evil, if evil is determined so that the evil of human life is the deliberate and systematic continuous without any prevention ability of conscience and compassion.Someone may do evil deeds, even though some people among the award appears to be good, so I think that evil is not able to determine the subjective experience or ideologically, as some ideologies are warring against humanity. Absolute goodness is perhaps the closest to the loving feeling omaavassa person. On the other hand love lähettiläskin can do some harm to individuals, although expected to do good, because the experience is good also personal.Natural features such as impulse control failure can be disastrous for the loving feeling in the world a man living in. Without opposite, I guess I can not determine whether or evil?Good and evil battle that life has many of the brain inside, which could be described as the existence of disincentives, such as social pressure, and extreme fear of punishment, but absolutely evil man does evil without regard shoulders in. "

In other words, I believe that all people are the gray color of the mind landscapes.There is no integrity, but rather each other vicious people. Oh it sees itself as virtuous, but can it really if you do not even aware of their own behavior motives.

End - the light, the darkness, or in between?

The moral philosophical problem existed when I started to write this. Now, the right relationship or the wrong ratio of light to darkness was organized in my mind at least a little.
I think the key is understanding that man is ultimately fallible. Finnish society to secure further into the darkness of the lost rehabilitation quite a good starting point, even though this may require the rehabilitation of major lifestyle overhaul, and a strong will.
The shade of gray is my answer to the question Jin-Jang. A man can not just be a dark night, let alone on a bright day. It is good to learn how to be a gracious self, especially if you have a tendency to fatalistic ajatusvirtoihin. 
A person who submits always walking in the light can not be credible, because of how the light is aware of, if not, experiential understanding of the darkness. After all, in this gray area, however, all rehellisintä be.

Myself of this manuscript humanity gray area rearranged my thoughts on moral philosophy in relation to this and I think it is good to stop.

Humanity gray area of ​​the book material
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